The Lonely Hunter is a Rock band from College Station, TX. Despite the town's profound country music background, The Lonely Hunter has developed an original sound that has drawn crowds all over Texas. Most of the guys hail from the Dallas area and have spent their younger years around the  big city scene. Now that they are in Central Texas, these guys have been a driving force in the local scene, and have begun to branch out into the surrounding cities. Their sound can be defined by their beautiful melodic textures from singer, Collin Brewer, and guitarist, Spencer Cogburn, with driving and intricate rhythms provided by drummer, Brian Cox, and bassist, Jacob Massey. In their latest self-titled release, The Lonely Hunter worked with Producer, MD Thompson, to create a 6-song EP that grabs you by the ear and holds you by the heart. The Lonely Hunter believes in music with a purpose and a meaning, and their on-stage performance shows nothing else.


“Their latest self-titled EP demonstrates The Lonely Hunter has reached the point of musical maturity at which many bands possess enough confidence to drop everything else, and take a leap of faith with their music.” - Steve Wells, The Battalion

"College Station is known for producing some of Texas' best country acts, but every now and then it spawns some music of a different style and The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter is certainly a case in point."                      Josh Storie - Maroon Weekly

“rock, expressive vocals, and strong melodies...”


10/9/11 - Selt-titled EP Review on The Battalion

9/22/10 - Artist Spotlight on Maroon Weekly


Performed at:

  1. -SXSW Showcase 2010 (Austin, TX)

  2. -ACL Unofficial Showcase 2010 (Austin, TX)

  3. -The Pillow Project 2011 (Bryan, TX)

  4. -SXES Unofficial SXSW Showcase 2011 (Austin, TX)

  5. -Aggie Relay For Life 2011 (College Station, TX)

Shared the stage with:

  1. -The Rocket Summer

  2. -Lovedrug

  3. -The Rocketboys

  4. -Mechanical Boy

  5. -Dignan

  6. -Quiet Company

  7. -The Canvas Waiting

  8. -The 71’s

  9. -Deas Vail

  10. -Companion

  11. -Sleeperstar

  12. -David Ramirez

  13. -Electric Touch

  14. -Driver F

  15. -Gatlin Elms

  16. -Ivoryline

  17. -The Material


1580 AM - KANM Student Radio (College Station, TX) - Request


Collin Brewer - Vocals/Guitar

Jacob Massey - Bass

Tyler Kern - Guitar

Austin Laskowski - Drums


The Lonely Hunter is a young band from Texas with a lot of talent, energy, and passion. Their music is full of driving rhythms and catchy hooks. There is not a venue or crowd that they have played to and been forgotten by. They love music, they play hard, and they capture the audiences' attention.

Contact/MGMT/Booking/PR: Jose Arredondo

Location:  Houston, TX

Genre:  Melodic Indie/Rock

Label: Independent

Publicity:  Seeking

Official Site:

Press/Publicity:  Defacto Productions

TIYL:  Mae, Copeland

Markets:  Texas

Availability:  Spring/Summer - Packages/For Support/Tours


The Lonely Hunter

March 2011

The Resolution

May 2010

Places You Call Home

November 2009

We’re Not Meant To Be Alone

December 2008


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The Lonely Hunter

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