When the Docs are playing, the sheer energy coming from the stage will pull you in, and the aura they create in the room will keep you riveted. Pulling from a wide range of influences and diverse backgrounds, they evoke the full range of emotion in their audiences with a raw, passionate sound that fuses the soft, harmonious tones of traditional Southern music and the aggressive energy of progressive rock.  This is a tight-but-loose four-piece band that stretches and pushes the boundaries of current rock and roll.

But The Docs didn’t start out as a high energy, in-your-face modern rock band.  Each member brought his musical influences and professional background to the mix.  Early on singer Jerod Justice drew his first influence from singers such as Elvis and George Strait, and got his feet wet singing in an acoustic duo with guitarist Jeff Dolman, who grew up playing classical violin.  In college, Jeff began to explore fiddling and picked up guitar, with Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante among his major influences.

After a few acoustic shows, Jerod and Jeff met Ryan and Dalton, childhood friends and long-time band mates.  Although they were younger, they had been playing seriously for quite a while and were really into bands like Nirvana and The Used.  Since seventh grade, they had played in a succession of punk and hard rock bands, and developed the chemistry that only happens when you grow up together musically.  As a quartet, they booked their first shows without knowing what songs they would play, but once they began to practice, they clicked instantly.  Ryan and Dalton brought their sharpened edge to the melodic country blues-based sound Jerod and Jeff had been exploring.  With a cover song list that went from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ted Nugent, they began playing around south/central Texas, folding their raw original songs into shows as their sound developed.

After a year of growth and constant gigging, 2011 brought a name change and a whole lot of new material, as various elements came together to form their musical identity.  The Docs released their first, self-produced, demo, which is featured here.  They played alongside bands such as Black Pistol Fire, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Whiskey Myers, and The Features throughout Austin, Houston, and College Station.  They gigged and promoted their demo relentlessly, and finally came to the attention of Chris “Frenchie” Smith producer of JET, Los Lonely Boys, Explosions in the Sky, and The Dandy Warhols.  With Frenchie at the helm, they set out to capture the unique blend of raw energy and heartfelt soul they bring to every song and every show.

In the start of 2013, The Docs will be releasing their first LP.  There is little doubt that this will be the first of many recordings, and an auspicious debut for this explosive and unique band.  For four people who love nothing more than making music, the future looks to be an exciting ride.


Performed at:

  1. -Big Red Drum Ent. SXSW Showcase 2013 (Austin, TX)

  2. -No Parachute SXSW Showcase 2013 (Austin, TX)

  3. -No Parachute SXSW Showcase 2012 (Austin, TX)

  4. -SXSW Showcase 2011 (Austin, TX)

  5. -Firefest 2012 (Austin, TX)

  6. -Pecan Street Festival 2012 (Austin, TX)

Shared the stage with:

  1. -Bob Schneider

  2. -Tyer Bryant & The Shakedown

  3. -Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

  4. -The Dirty Guv’nahs

  5. -Black Pistol Fire

  6. -The Features

  7. -The Weeks

  8. -Pujol

  9. -Leogun

  10. -Scorpion Child

  11. -Wild Child

  12. -Quiet Company

  13. -Driver Friendly

  14. -The Live Lights

  15. -Oh No, Oh My

  16. -The Material

  17. -Chris Cab

  18. -Whiskey Myers

  19. -No Justice

  20. -Brian Burke

  21. -Two Tons of Steel

  22. -Scooter Brown Band


“ Don’t take my earlier “Kings of Leon” comment as pigeon holing the band. Their music is much more adventurous than that. It has that same vigor, but allows each of the band mates to explore their instruments more. Guitar solos pepper throughout the songs.” -- Paul, The Loopscoop

“Each song that I have listened to by The Docs has made me feel distinct intense emotions. The music grasps your attention and your senses as if you can feel the rhythm of the music in your fingertips. The song, “Groove,” starts off with a smooth and edgy tone that progressively transitions to a hard rock vibe with passionate vocals. Especially in the track “Games,” it is impossible not to become engrossed with the instrumentals and vocals. Overall, with its use of depth and expression, the song releases you from your current frustrations, creating a relatable connection with the band.” -- Sarah Classen, Defacto Productions


  1. -Self-titled EP review

  2. -The Loopscoop Concert Review of The Docs w/ The Features & The Live Lights


1580 AM - KANM Student Radio (College Station, TX) - Request


Jerod Justice - Vocals/Guitar

Jeff Dolman - Guitar

Ryan Brownlow - Bass

Dalton Weis - Drums


A new bold sound of rock from College Station, TX introduces a modern, energetic style of music intertwined with a familiar, classic rock tone. The Docs encompass all shades of rock, from alternative and grunge to 70’s rock. The four members fuse these different genres of rock together to create a timeless masterpiece.

Contact/MGMT/Booking/PR: Jose Arredondo

Location:  College Station, TX

Genre:  Southern Rock/Progressive Rock

Label: Independent

Publicity:  Seeking

Official Site:

Press:  Defacto Productions

TIYL:  Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, The Weeks, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown

Markets:  Texas

Availability:  Spring/Summer - Packages/For Support/Festivals


Audacious LP

Spring 2013

The Docs EP

Fall 2012


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The Docs

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